This Phuket Giant Water Lilies & Temple Tour promises a surreal drone-assisted photoshoot among giant water lilies and a culture in three iconic temples. The $200-per-person price tag is steep, but 58 reviewers have given it a 5-star rating, raving about the guide’s knowledge, the tour’s organization, and the overall vibe. The tour’s packed schedule and Instagram-worthy moments make it a worthwhile splurge. And if you’re willing to shell out the cash, you’ll get a luxurious, hassle-free experience. But is it really worth the money? There’s more to the story…

Key Takeaways

Phuket Giant Water Lilies & Temple Tour Review - Key Takeaways

• The Phuket Giant Water Lilies & Temple Tour combines natural wonders and cultural exploration with a drone-assisted photoshoot and temple visits.
• The tour has a 5-star rating from 58 reviewers, with praise for the guide, itinerary, and drone shots, and is considered worth the money.
• The tour includes air-conditioned transportation, drone pictures, private transportation, and all fees and taxes, making for a hassle-free experience.
• The tour’s itinerary is packed, with hotel pickup at 8:00 AM, a drone photoshoot at 9:00 AM, and visits to three temples before lunch.
• The tour has a 24-hour cancellation window, with full refunds for cancellations more than 24 hours in advance and no refunds within 24 hours of the tour start time.

Tour Highlights and Features

Phuket Giant Water Lilies & Temple Tour Review - Tour Highlights and Features

This Phuket Giant Water Lilies & Temple Tour packs a punch with its unique blend of natural wonders and cultural exploration, featuring a drone-assisted photoshoot among giant water lilies and visits to three iconic temples.

It’s not every day you get to pose for aerial shots surrounded by these massive aquatic plants, and the drone operator knows their stuff.

The private, all-inclusive journey in Phuket also includes air-conditioned transportation, which is a blessing in the Thai heat.

And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good temple tour? You’ll get to explore three of Phuket’s most revered temples, Wat Phra Thong, Wat Phra Nang Sang, and Wat Sri Sunthon.

It’s a solid combo of nature, culture, and Instagram-worthy moments.

Itinerary and Schedule Breakdown

Phuket Giant Water Lilies & Temple Tour Review - Itinerary and Schedule Breakdown

Phuket’s morning traffic is already a challenge, so it’s a blessing that the 8:00 AM hotel pickup gets the ball rolling, giving you a head start on the day’s adventures.

The itinerary is packed, but not overwhelmingly so. You’ll pose for drone photos at the giant water lilies by 9:00 AM, because, let’s be real, the ‘gram is waiting.

Then, it’s temple-hopping time, with visits to Wat Phra Thong, Wat Phra Nang Sang, and Wat Sri Sunthon, all before lunch.

The schedule is tight, but it’s not like you’re going to get bored with all the photo ops and temple-hopping. By 1:00 PM, you’ll be back at your hotel, exhausted but exhilarated.

It’s a whirlwind tour, but hey, someone’s gotta make the most of your Phuket vacation.

What’s Included in the Tour

They’re covering all the bases with this tour, which includes an air-conditioned vehicle, private transportation, drone pictures, and all fees and taxes – basically, everything you need for a stress-free adventure. You won’t have to worry about a thing, except maybe remembering to bring sunscreen.

What’s Included Details Why It Matters
Air-conditioned vehicle Comfortable and cool ride No sweating on your way to the water lilies
Drone pictures Get that Instagram-worthy shot You’ll want to brag about this
Private transportation No crowded buses for you You’re worth the luxury

It’s clear they’ve thought of everything to make this tour a breeze. Now, onto the good stuff – what people are saying about this tour.

Real Reviews From Past Guests

Phuket Giant Water Lilies & Temple Tour Review - Real Reviews From Past Guests

Fifty-eight reviewers have weighed in, and the verdict is unanimous: this tour is a solid 5.0 stars.

No one’s complained about the guide, the itinerary, or the drone shots (which, let’s be real, are the real stars of the show).

Everyone’s raved about the tour’s organization, the guide’s knowledge, and the overall vibe.

It’s clear that this tour is worth every penny – and then some.

A few reviewers did mention that the tour was pricey, but honestly, who can put a price on those Instagram-worthy drone pics?

The consensus is clear: this tour delivers.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

Phuket Giant Water Lilies & Temple Tour Review - Cancellation and Refund Policies

You’ve got 24 hours to change your mind about this tour, after which point you’re locked in and won’t get a refund if you cancel.

Don’t bother trying to wiggle out of it last minute, because the refund policy is clear: no refunds within 24 hours of the tour start time.

If you’re the type who gets cold feet or has a sudden case of FOMO (fear of missing out… on a different tour), you’d better make up your mind quickly.

After that 24-hour mark, you’re committed.

On the bright side, if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, you’ll get a full refund.

Just don’t expect any sympathy or special treatment if you change your mind at the last minute.

The Giant Water Lilies Experience

Phuket Giant Water Lilies & Temple Tour Review - The Giant Water Lilies Experience

After you’ve made it past the refund cutoff, get ready for the main event: posing for drone shots amidst the majestic giant water lilies, an experience that’s equal parts surreal and Instagram-worthy. You’ll be surrounded by the towering flowers, their delicate petals stretching towards the sky like nature’s own cathedral. But don’t get too comfortable – you’ll be posing for drone shots in no time, capturing the perfect shot for your social media feed.

Giant Water Lilies Fun Facts
Towering flowers Can grow up to 6 feet in diameter
Delicate petals Can live up to 4 years in captivity
Majestic appearance Can help purify water and improve oxygen levels
Unique ecosystem Supports a variety of aquatic life
Instagram-worthy Makes for amazing drone shots

Temple Tour and Cultural Insights

Phuket Giant Water Lilies & Temple Tour Review - Temple Tour and Cultural Insights

What’s the story behind Phuket’s revered temples, and what secrets do they hold?

Well, let’s get real, these temples are more than just stunning architecture and Instagram-worthy backdrops.

They’re a window into Phuket’s rich cultural heritage, where Buddhism and Thai traditions converge.

On this tour, you’ll explore the history and significance of Wat Phra Thong, Wat Phra Nang Sang, and Wat Sri Sunthon Temples.

Your guide will regale you with tales of mythical serpents, revered monks, and ancient rituals.

It’s not just about snapping photos; it’s about enjoying the local culture.

Is This Tour Worth the Money

Phuket Giant Water Lilies & Temple Tour Review - Is This Tour Worth the Money

Phuket’s temple enthusiasts are willing to shell out big bucks for an immersive cultural experience, but the real question is whether this pricey private tour lives up to its hefty price tag.

Let’s be real, $200 per person is a pretty penny, especially when you consider that’s what you’d pay for a decent hotel room in Phuket.

But, if you’re getting a top-notch guide, Instagram-worthy drone shots, and hassle-free transportation, then maybe, just maybe, it’s worth the splurge.

The 5-star reviews and glowing praise from past travelers suggest that this tour delivers.


This tour’s a gem – if you’re into that sort of thing.

The drone shots are Instagram-worthy, and the temples are genuinely breathtaking.

But let’s be real, it’s a pricey affair. If you’re short on cash or prioritize partying over peaceful vibes, look elsewhere.

Otherwise, the Phuket Giant Water Lilies & Temple Tour delivers on its promises, with a knowledgeable guide and serene atmosphere that’ll leave you feeling zen.

Worth the money? If you’re into temples and tranquility, yeah.

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