Looking for a Phuket city tour that doesn’t feel like a cookie-cutter experience? Private city tours are the way to go. Ditch the cheesy souvenir shops and overpriced restaurants, and instead, create a customized itinerary that caters to your interests. With private transportation, bottled water, and a flexible 8-hour schedule, you’re free to explore Phuket’s hidden gems, stunning beaches, and local eateries at your own pace. And the best part? You can bring up to 7 friends or family members along for the ride. Ready to take your Phuket adventure to the next level?

Exploring Phuket in Style

Private City Tour Around Phuket - Exploring Phuket in Style

Ditch the tourist traps and crowded buses, and explore Phuket in style with a private city tour tailored to your whims.

You won’t find any cheesy souvenir shops or overpriced restaurants on this trip. Instead, you’ll get to experience the real Phuket, on your own terms.

With private transfers from your hotel, you’ll arrive at each destination feeling like royalty.

And don’t worry, you won’t be stuck with a bunch of strangers – this tour is for you and up to 7 friends or family members.

Bottled water and private transportation are taken care of, so all you need to bring is your sense of adventure.

Customizing Your Dream Itinerary

Private City Tour Around Phuket - Customizing Your Dream Itinerary

Within the 8-hour time frame, you’re free to create a customized itinerary that caters to your interests, whether that’s island-hopping, foodie adventures, or simply lounging on Phuket’s stunning beaches. You’re not stuck on some boring, rigid tour schedule. You get to call the shots, and that’s pretty awesome.

Focus on food: Visit the best local eateries, try some weird and wonderful street food, or indulge in a seafood extravaganza.

Beach-hop: Spend the day lounging on Phuket’s most stunning beaches, or try your hand at water sports like snorkeling or kayaking.

Explore hidden gems: Venture off the beaten path to discover Phuket’s secret temples, waterfalls, or scenic viewpoints.

Convenient Pickup and Transfers

With your dream itinerary in place, getting to and from your desired destinations is a breeze, thanks to round-trip private transfers from Phuket hotels included in the package.

No need to fuss about transportation or worry about getting lost in an unfamiliar city.

You’ll be picked up from your hotel and dropped off at the end of the tour, hassle-free.

This convenient perk saves you time and energy, allowing you to focus on the fun stuff – like exploring Phuket’s hidden gems and making unforgettable memories.

So, sit back, relax, and let the tour take care of the logistics.

You’re in good hands!

What to Expect on This Tour

Private City Tour Around Phuket - What to Expect on This Tour

On this private city tour, you’re in the driver’s seat, literally, as you get to customize the 8-hour itinerary to fit your group’s interests and preferences. Don’t expect a guided tour, though – this is more of a ‘here’s a car and a driver, now go wild’ kind of deal.

Flexibility: Create your own schedule and make changes as you go along.

Comfort: Enjoy private transfers and a comfortable ride with bottled water on hand.

Freedom: Explore Phuket at your own pace, without being stuck to a rigid tour schedule.

Reviews and Ratings From Travelers

Fourteen travelers have weighed in on this private city tour, giving it a solid 4.0 rating, but what do their reviews actually say?

Rating Number of Reviews
5-star 0
4-star 0
3-star 0
1-star 0

Surprisingly, zero 5-star, 4-star, 3-star, or 1-star reviews. That’s…interesting. It seems like travelers are keeping their opinions to themselves. However, some did leave comments, saying it was a "great trip," a "fantastic non-guided tour experience," and a "wonderful day." One reviewer did mention, "don’t expect a guided tour," which is fair, since it’s explicitly stated in the tour details. Overall, it seems like travelers got what they paid for – a private, customizable tour around Phuket.

Flexible Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are a real possibility, and this private city tour’s flexible policy recognizes that reality, offering a full refund if you bail up to 24 hours in advance. No one likes to think about canceling, but let’s be real, life happens. With this tour, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you won’t lose your shirt if plans change.

The cancellation policy is as follows:

  1. Cancel up to 24 hours in advance: Get a full refund, no questions asked.

  2. Cancellations less than 24 hours: Sorry, no refund for you.

  3. Changes within 24 hours: Not happening, buddy.

Don’t worry, this policy is designed to be fair and flexible. Just remember to plan ahead, and you’ll be golden.

Pricing and Booking Details

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Making the Most of Your Day

With a customizable 8-hour itinerary and private transportation at their disposal, travelers can maximize their Phuket experience by prioritizing the attractions that matter most to them. Don’t waste your time on some mediocre tourist trap just because it’s ‘included’ – this is your day, and you do you!

Prioritize: Don’t try to cram too much into your itinerary. Focus on the top attractions that will make your trip truly unforgettable.

Be realistic: Don’t expect to see the entire island in one day. Set realistic goals, and leave some buffer time for unexpected adventures.

Take breaks: You’re on vacation, not a marathon. Take time to relax, recharge, and enjoy the scenic views (and maybe even a cold beer or two).


So, you’ve made it through the sales pitch and are still considering this tour.

If you want to see Phuket without the hassle of self-navigation, this private city tour is a solid choice.

It’s customizable, convenient, and relatively intimate.

Just don’t expect to find any hidden gems the locals don’t want you to know about – this is a tourist-friendly, Instagram-driven experience.

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