For those seeking an adrenaline rush, this 1200-meter zip line adventure on a mountain awaits, featuring eight platforms and breathtaking scenery. With a weight limit of 110 kg or less, most people can participate. Hotel pickup, drinking water, and soft drinks are included in this hassle-free experience. Safety guides provide instructions and supervision throughout. But don’t expect a leisurely stroll – a moderate level of physical fitness is required. If you’re ready for the thrill, get ready to take the leap. And if you want to know the fine print, keep going…

Zip Line Adventure Overview

Zip Line Adventure on Mountain (8 Platforms 1200 M.) - Zip Line Adventure Overview

Eight platforms stretching 1200 meters await thrill-seekers in this zip line adventure, where attentive safety guides ensure a fun and secure experience.

It’s not just about the adrenaline rush – the scenic views and lush surroundings will leave you breathless.

With a weight limit of 110 kg or less, most people can participate, and don’t worry, they’ll pick you up from your hotel or private house in Koh Samui.

The whole experience is pretty convenient, and they’ll even throw in some drinking water and a soft drink to keep you hydrated.

It’s not a luxury experience, but hey, it’s a fun way to spend the day, and the guides seem to know what they’re doing.

Safety Precautions and Guides

Attentive safety guides provide instructions and supervision throughout the adventure, ensuring that participants can focus on screaming their lungs out while soaring through the air.

These guides are more than just enthusiastic cheerleaders – they’re trained professionals who’ll make sure you’re harnessed up and secure before sending you flying.

And, just in case, basic first aid insurance has got your back.

The weight limit is 110 kg or less, so don’t even think about sneaking in those extra helpings of pad thai.

With safety equipment and instructors on hand, you can focus on the fun stuff – like not wetting your pants.

What to Expect and Inclusions

Zip Line Adventure on Mountain (8 Platforms 1200 M.) - What to Expect and Inclusions

When you sign up for this zipline adventure, you can expect a hassle-free experience from start to finish, with perks like hotel transfer, drinking water, and safety equipment all taken care of.

You’ll get picked up from your hotel or private house in Koh Samui, and then it’s off to the mountain for your adrenaline fix.

Soft drinks and instructors are also part of the deal, so you can focus on screaming your lungs out as you zip line through the lush Thai landscape.

And don’t worry, basic first aid insurance is included, just in case.

All you need to bring is your sense of adventure and a willingness to have the time of your life.

Schedule and Trip Details

Zip Line Adventure on Mountain (8 Platforms 1200 M.) - Schedule and Trip Details

With three trip times to choose from – morning, midday, or afternoon – you can plan your zipline adventure around your island schedule.

Pickup times vary by area, so be sure to check the schedule to ensure you’re ready and waiting when your ride arrives.

Don’t worry about transportation – they’ve got you covered with hotel transfers from Maenam, Bophut, Choeng Mon, Chaweng, and Lamai (with private transfers available for mountain areas at an extra cost).

Just remember to show up with a moderate level of physical fitness and a weight under 110 kg, and you’re all set for a thrilling day of ziplining.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Zip Line Adventure on Mountain (8 Platforms 1200 M.) - Cancellation and Refund Policy

They offer a pretty lenient cancellation policy, allowing you to back out up to 24 hours before the experience without losing a dime.

If you cancel within that timeframe, you’ll get a full refundno questions asked. However, if you’re a last-minute flake, be prepared to eat the cost.

If the tour gets canceled due to bad weather, you can reschedule or get a refund. And, if there aren’t enough people signed up, they’ll either refund or reschedule you.

It’s a pretty fair deal, considering some tour operators can be total jerks about refunds. So, if you’re feeling spontaneous or just plain nervous, you can bail without financial penalty.

Reviews and Ratings From Travelers

Zip Line Adventure on Mountain (8 Platforms 1200 M.) - Reviews and Ratings From Travelers

Eighteen travelers have weighed in on this ziplining adventure, collectively giving it a solid 4.5-star rating.

But what’s behind this stellar score? For starters, many reviewers rave about the attentive safety guides and the breathtaking scenery.

However, some critics argue that the experience doesn’t quite live up to its lofty price tag.

Guides are knowledgeable, friendly, and safety-conscious.

The scenery is stunning, with lush greenery and stunning views.

A few reviewers felt the experience was overpriced for what was offered.

Important Health and Safety Notes

Zip Line Adventure on Mountain (8 Platforms 1200 M.) - Important Health and Safety Notes

Before strapping yourself into a harness, consider your physical limitations, as this ziplining adventure demands a moderate level of fitness and isn’t suitable for everyone.

Sorry, couch potatoes – this isn’t for you.

If you’ve got back problems, are pregnant, or have a heart condition, it’s best to sit this one out.

Don’t even think about it if you’ve got a serious medical condition; your health is worth more than a thrill.

This adventure isn’t wheelchair accessible, so those with mobility issues should look elsewhere.

Be honest with yourself – if you’re not up for the challenge, don’t put yourself or others at risk.

Stay safe, and live to zipline another day.

Traveler Requirements and Restrictions

Zip Line Adventure on Mountain (8 Platforms 1200 M.) - Traveler Requirements and Restrictions

Weighing in at 110 kg or less is a must, since that’s the maximum weight limit for this ziplining adventure. Don’t even think about trying to squeeze into a harness if you’re over that – it’s just not happening. And honestly, it’s for your own safety (and the guides’ sanity).

There are a few more requirements to keep in mind:

You’ll need a moderate level of physical fitness to tackle this adventure.

If you’re pregnant, have back problems, or serious medical conditions, this isn’t the adventure for you.

Sorry, wheelchair users – this one’s not accessible.


Zip Line Adventure on Mountain (8 Platforms 1200 M.) - Recap

She’s about to fly through the air, and we’re not even going to sugarcoat it – this zip line adventure is a total rush.

With safety checks in place, she can just enjoy the view (and the adrenaline high).

So, if she’s ready to trade her comfort zone for an unforgettable experience, then strap in (literally) and let’s do this.

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