This private Chiang Mai Instagram tour is the ultimate photo op extravaganza, personally guided and all-inclusive. Get set for a stress-free, Instagram-worthy adventure with VIP treatment, air-conditioned private car, and a personal photographer to capture flawless shots. From ancient temples to local markets, and from spicy som tam to mango sticky rice, experience the best of Chiang Mai. With a flawless 5.0 rating and glowing reviews, this tour is the real deal. And, if you’re ready to upgrade your Instagram game, then buckle up and get ready to take your followers on a visual journey – and that’s just the beginning…

Tour Highlights and Inclusions

️ Chiang Mai Instagram Tour: Most Famous Spots (Private and All-Inclusive) - Tour Highlights and Inclusions

Scoring big on Instagram just got a whole lot easier, as this private tour whisks you away to Chiang Mai’s most photogenic spots, complete with admission fees, a personal photographer/tour guide, and all the fixin’s.

You’ll get to snap pics at the city’s most Instagrammable spots, and with a personal photographer in tow, you can bet your followers will be green with envy.

And don’t worry about the logistics – this all-inclusive tour covers admission fees, a private car with A/C, wet towels, bottled water, and lunch.

You’ll even get to sample local delicacies and learn about Chiang Mai culture from your guide.

It’s basically a one-stop-shop for your Instagram goals.

Exploring Chiang Mai’s Hidden Gems

️ Chiang Mai Instagram Tour: Most Famous Spots (Private and All-Inclusive) - Exploring Chiang Mais Hidden Gems

Beyond the iconic Instagram spots, Chiang Mai’s hidden gems are waiting to be uncovered, and this private tour is the perfect excuse to ditch the tourist trail and explore the city’s lesser-known treasures. You’ll discover the real Chiang Mai, beyond the staged photo ops and crowded streets. Get ready to explore the city’s secret gardens, hidden temples, and local markets that only a true insider would know.

Hidden Gem Why It’s a Must-See Insider Tip
Wat Umong This ancient temple is a tranquil oasis amidst the city chaos Look for the hidden Buddha images in the surrounding forest
Talat Warorot Market This bustling market is a treasure trove of local flavors and handicrafts Try the Khao Soi, a Chiang Mai specialty
Doi Kham Temple This stunning temple offers breathtaking views of the city Time your visit for sunrise or sunset for an unforgettable experience

Private Guide and Transportation

️ Chiang Mai Instagram Tour: Most Famous Spots (Private and All-Inclusive) - Private Guide and Transportation

With a personal photographer and guide dedicated to your group, you’ll get the VIP treatment as you’re whisked away to Chiang Mai’s most Instagrammable spots in a private, air-conditioned car.

No more fighting for a seat on a crowded bus or sweating it out in a hot, cramped tuk-tuk. This is luxury, baby!

Your guide will take care of everything, from navigating the city’s crazy traffic to getting you to the best spots at the perfect time for a killer shot.

And, let’s be real, who doesn’t love having their own personal paparazzo to capture their best angles? It’s like having your own entourage, minus the drama and attitude.

Local Cuisine and Cultural Insights

️ Chiang Mai Instagram Tour: Most Famous Spots (Private and All-Inclusive) - Local Cuisine and Cultural Insights

As you’re being chauffeured around Chiang Mai in style, you’ll get to sample the local flavors that’ll make your taste buds do the cha cha slide, and your guide will give you the lowdown on the cultural significance behind each dish.

No bland, overpriced tourist food here! You’ll indulge in authentic eats that’ll make you wonder how you ever settled for boring old pad thai back home.

Your guide will dish out the dirt on the cultural context behind each bite, so you’ll be the ultimate Chiang Mai foodie insider.

Think spicy som tam (papaya salad), rich khao soi (curried noodle soup), and sweet mango sticky rice – and yes, they’re all Instagram-worthy, too!

Stress-Free Hotel Pickup and Dropoff

️ Chiang Mai Instagram Tour: Most Famous Spots (Private and All-Inclusive) - Stress-Free Hotel Pickup and Dropoff

They’ll scoop you up from your hotel lobby, so you can ditch the hassle of navigating Chiang Mai’s unfamiliar streets and focus on more important things – like perfecting your Instagram pose.

You won’t need to worry about hailing a taxi or navigating public transportation, because this tour’s got your back (and your ride).

No more awkwardly standing on the sidewalk, clutching your map and praying for a taxi to appear.
No more confusing bus routes or language barriers.
No more worrying about being ripped off by a shady driver.
No more getting lost in the maze of Chiang Mai streets.

A stress-free, hassle-free, and totally Instagram-worthy experience from start to finish.

Reviews and Ratings From Travelers

️ Chiang Mai Instagram Tour: Most Famous Spots (Private and All-Inclusive) - Reviews and Ratings From Travelers

Twenty-seven reviewers can’t be wrong – this Instagram tour has racked up a flawless 5.0 rating, with every single review being a glowing five-star endorsement. It’s not like they’re padding the stats or anything (although, let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to?). The numbers don’t lie, and in this case, they scream "stellar experience."

Rating Reviews Verified
5.0 27
4.0 0
3.0 0
2.0 0
1.0 0

These travelers know a thing or two about what makes a tour exceptional. With every review singing the tour’s praises, it’s clear that this Instagram tour is the real deal. No need to take their word for it, though – the numbers speak for themselves.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

️ Chiang Mai Instagram Tour: Most Famous Spots (Private and All-Inclusive) - Refund and Cancellation Policy

Canceling plans can be a real bummer, but at least this tour’s refund and cancellation policy is straightforward: you’ve got a 24-hour window to back out and get a full refund, or you’re stuck with the bill.

Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the tour, you won’t get a penny back.

Changes made less than 24 hours before the tour start time are a no-go.

Cut-off times are based on the tour’s local time, so don’t even think about trying to sneak in a last-minute cancellation.

No refunds for no-shows, so make sure to show up on time.

Tour Operator and Additional Info

️ Chiang Mai Instagram Tour: Most Famous Spots (Private and All-Inclusive) - Tour Operator and Additional Info

ForeverVacation Thailand, the mastermind behind this Instagrammable adventure, has got your back with a well-oiled operation that’s been vetted by Viator travelers.

They’re the ones making sure you get the most out of your Chiang Mai Instagram tour. With their expertise, you can focus on snapping those gram-worthy pics.

When you book, you’ll get instant confirmation – no waiting around for hours, wondering if your tour is a go.

And, just so you know, this tour isn’t wheelchair accessible, but it’s close to public transportation.

Oh, and it’s a private tour, so don’t worry about awkwardly posing with a bunch of strangers. It’s all about you and your Instagram fame.


️ Chiang Mai Instagram Tour: Most Famous Spots (Private and All-Inclusive) - Recap

Don’t waste your time scouring Chiang Mai for the perfect shot – this tour’s got you covered.

With a private guide, photographer, and all-inclusive perks, you’ll snag those coveted Instagram likes without breaking a sweat.

And if you’re not impressed, there’s a refund policy in place.

So, what’re you waiting for? Book this tour and get ready to rake in the likes and comments.

Your followers will thank you.

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