Calypso Cabaret Extravaganza is Bangkok’s go-to for family-friendly glamour, minus the seedy nightlife. This 75-minute show is a whirlwind of flashy costumes, high-energy dancing, and talented performers in a wheelchair-friendly venue. Don’t expect free snacks or drinks, and don’t even think about trying to cancel – bookings are final. But hey, with a 4.5-star rating and zero bad reviews, it’s clear this extravaganza delivers. And if you’re curious about the nitty-gritty details, like how to get there or what to expect from the show, well… there’s more to the story.

Tour Details and Logistics

Calypso Cabaret Extravaganza - Tour Details and Logistics

The Calypso Cabaret tour departs from its venue at 2194 Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok 10120 Thailand, and includes hotel pickup and drop-off for convenience. No need to worry about transportation, they’ve got you covered.

The 75-minute show is wheelchair accessible, so everyone can join in on the fun.

Just don’t expect any free snacks or drinks, you’re on your own for those. Kids are welcome, but only if they’re at least 5 years old and accompanied by an adult if they’re under 12.

Oh, and don’t even think about trying to cancel or change your plans – it’s non-refundable, so make sure you’re committed.

Ratings and Review Highlights

Calypso Cabaret Extravaganza - Ratings and Review Highlights

Calypso Cabaret’s overall rating stands at a respectable 4.5 stars, with a whopping four reviewers handing out perfect scores.

Not too shabby, if you ask us. The rest of the reviews are, well, non-existent – no 1-star, 2-star, or 3-star reviews in sight.

It’s either love or, well, no comment. The four 5-star reviews are pretty telling, though.

They’re not just satisfied customers; they’re downright thrilled. No one’s complaining about the price, the venue, or the show itself.

It’s a unanimous thumbs-up from the reviewers, and we’re not about to argue with that.

If you’re on the fence, take a cue from these happy patrons – Calypso Cabaret’s got the goods.

Show Content and Venue Info

Calypso Cabaret Extravaganza - Show Content and Venue Info

Family-friendly entertainment gets a glamorous twist at Calypso Cabaret, where some scenes feature swimsuit-equivalent outfits, but don’t worry, no nudity in sight!

This 75-minute extravaganza promises a fun night out for all ages, minus the little ones under five, of course.

The venue’s first-come, first-served seating arrangement means you’ll want to arrive early to snag the best spot.

Special requests, like wheelchair accessibility, can be accommodated with prior notice.

Don’t expect any boring moments, as the show’s energetic pace will keep you entertained from start to finish.

With no food or drinks included, plan ahead and grab a bite before the show.

Seating and Accessibility Options

Wheelchair-bound patrons, rejoice: Calypso Cabaret’s got you covered with accessible seating arrangements.

But don’t expect any special treatment – it’s first-come, first-served for everyone else. The venue’s wheelchair-friendly design ensures equal access to the fun.

However, if you’re expecting VIP treatment or reserved seating, think again. At Calypso Cabaret, it’s every person for themselves – arrive early to snag the best spot.

Special requests are accommodated, but don’t count on preferential treatment. The show’s open seating policy applies to all, so don’t bother trying to sweet-talk your way to the front row.

Be prepared to mingle and make new friends, because at Calypso Cabaret, it’s all about the show, not your ego.

Booking and Cancellation Rules

Calypso Cabaret Extravaganza - Booking and Cancellation Rules

They’re strict about their booking and cancellation rules, so don’t even think about trying to sneak in last-minute changes.

You can’t refund or change your booking for any reason – it’s non-negotiable.

If you’re thinking of backing out, forget about getting your money back. The policy is clear: no refunds or changes allowed.

Don’t bother asking, because the answer will be a firm no.

It’s all about planning ahead and being committed to your booking.

If you’re unsure, don’t book. It’s that simple.

The good news is that they offer a Lowest Price Guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.

Just remember, once you book, it’s final.

Traveler Requirements and Tips

Calypso Cabaret Extravaganza - Traveler Requirements and Tips

Calypso Cabaret has some strict requirements for its travelers.

Kids under 5 aren’t allowed, and those between 5 and 11 need to be accompanied by a paying adult.

If you’re planning to bring a wheelchair, make sure to request special arrangements in advance.

Don’t even think about showing up with a toddler in tow – they’re not permitted.

And, yeah, the show might be family-friendly, but some scenes might be a bit too revealing for young eyes.

Just saying. So, before you book, make sure you’re aware of all the requirements.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Getting to the Venue Made Easy

Calypso Cabaret Extravaganza - Getting to the Venue Made Easy

Getting to Calypso Cabaret is surprisingly painless, especially if you’re familiar with Bangkok’s BTS Sky Train system. No need to worry about navigating through unfamiliar streets or haggling with taxi drivers. Simply take the BTS Sky Train to Saphan Taksin Station and exit at gate 2. From there, it’s a short walk to the pier, where you can catch a shuttle boat to Asiatique. The boat ride takes approximately 10 minutes, and boats leave every 10 minutes.

Here’s a quick rundown of the logistics:

Step Mode of Transport Duration
1 BTS Sky Train 10-15 minutes
2 Walk to pier 5 minutes
3 Shuttle boat 10 minutes
4 Walk to Calypso Cabaret 5 minutes

With these simple steps, you’ll be enjoying the Calypso Cabaret show in no time.

What to Expect From the Show

Calypso Cabaret Extravaganza - What to Expect From the Show

Calypso Cabaret’s 75-minute show is a whirlwind of flashy costumes, lip-syncing, and high-energy dancing, with some scenes featuring performers in swimsuit-equivalent outfits, but don’t expect any nudity.

It’s a family-friendly affair, so leave your expectations of a raunchy cabaret at the door.

The show’s a spectacle, with colorful costumes and impressive dance routines that’ll keep you entertained.

Don’t worry about getting bored – the pace is fast, and the energy’s always high.

Be prepared for a sensory overload, but in a good way.

The performers are talented, and the show’s well-choreographed.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Just remember, it’s a show, not a strip club.


Calypso Cabaret Extravaganza - Recap

Don’t bother reading reviews or asking around – Calypso Cabaret Extravaganza is a must-see, period.

It’s 75 minutes of pure, unadulterated entertainment that’ll leave you breathless and begging for more.

With 4.5 stars and rave reviews, this show’s a slam dunk.

So, stop thinking and just book those tickets already.

Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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